Hairstyling Hacks: Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days with These 5 Hairstyling Tricks


We all have our fair share of good and bad hair days. On a good hair day, you wake up with perfect, shiny, luscious locks that don’t even need much styling and brushing. Other days, you wake up with frizzy hair and notice flakes falling from your scalp. Even when you’re having a good time on a good day, being reminded by falling flakes that you have dandruff can turn any day into a bad hair day.

Even though bad hair days are inevitable, it doesn’t mean that good hair days will never happen. Styling your hair can help turn things around especially when a bad hair day gets the best of you. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to style your hair so that it looks flawless and perfect every day.

1. Fix It With A Top Knot

top knot hairstyle

When in doubt, try a topknot. Top knots can vary from a full or half top knot but it’s undeniably easy to do.

To achieve the perfect sleek top knot look, wash your hair first with the Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve a flake-free scalp and smooth hair, so you can pull off this look with minimal styling tools. Brush your hair and pull it back to create a high ponytail. Secure your hair by holding the base then take the tip of the ponytail and wrap it around until it can form a full knot. Use a lightweight gel or spray some hairspray onto an old toothbrush and use it to smooth back any flyaway strands.

2. Accessories Are Your Best Friend

Hair accessory

Eye-catching hair accessories help elevate any simple hairstyle and take the attention away from your bad hair day. You can start with a basic set-up by just putting your hair into a simple ponytail and either tying a ribbon around it or wrapping it up with a simple scarf.

If ribbons and scarves aren’t your choice of accessories, you can do a ponytail and use snap-on clips for a sleeker look with pops of color. If you want to let your hair down, ensure it’s straight and silky by brushing it and amplify your look with pearl clips, or geometrical shaped hair pins.

Good hair days start in the shower with the Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo and Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Scalp and Hair Creme Conditioner. This anti-dandruff combo contains active moisturizing formulas that eliminate the signs of dry scalp, keeping your scalp 100% dandruff-free while conditioning the hair, and ultimately leaving you with beautiful, manageable, flake-free hair.

3. Keep It Simple with an Easy Braid

Simple braid hairstyle

Braids can be a real lifesaver when it comes to bad hair days. Not only are they quick and easy to do, but they can also make frizzy hair look like it was intentionally made messy. Some braids that you can try are the thick-hair fishtail braid, the classic Dutch braid, or the waterfall braid.

To start on a dutch braid, create a center parting to the bottom of the head, and tie away one side. At top of the other side, create a triangle section and split it in three. Instead of crossing over like a French braid, pass the three sections from side to side underneath, and gradually add hair in every knot. When a section is done, secure with elastics and repeat on the other side.

4. Blow-dry With A Boar Bristle Brush For Shinier Hair

The right brush for your hair texture makes a big difference between a great hairstyle and a mundane one. Boar bristle brushes are gentle, give shiny end results, and can detangle any hair type — even the most stubborn locks. One of the greatest benefits of the boar bristle brush is that damage is kept at a minimum when it runs through your strands. The natural bristles gently massage your scalp increases the blood flow, encourages hair growth, and creates thicker, longer hair as well.

5. Have A Proper Anti-Dandruff Hair Care Routine

Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo

The Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo effectively soothes scalp redness and irritation, promoting a much healthier scalp condition. This product has a luxurious Argan Crème formula that contains argan oil, which is known as a natural ingredient rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for hair and skin moisturization.

The formula locks water and moisturizes, improves dryness and dullness, leaving hair 10x more moisturized, and glossy soft. It deeply nourishes from roots to tips, resulting in softer hair from the first wash. We recommend coupling it with the Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Conditioner for better results.

Waking up with bad hair doesn’t mean it should end as a bad hair day. You can always turn your frown upside down by amplifying your hairstyle. It’s also important to take good care of your hair daily by using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner products to provide it with the moisture it needs. Time to bid goodbye to bad hair days with these hacks!