Trendy Women's Hairstyles for any hair length


Eager to switch up your look? A new hairstyle is a quick way to do just that, and it doesnt require a major makeover. In fact, this years popular styles are actually updated versions of favourite haircuts.

If you have a chin-length bob cut, grow it out a little more to a shoulder-length bob to better frame your face. Similarly, layered hair is back in style. Add layers to any haircut to create the illusion of length and volume.

Your new do doesnt have to stop at a fresh haircut. Get creative and have fun styling it hot this season are braids, which are an easy way to dress up your new hairstyle, no matter the length. Try any of these recommended braids and other great hairstyles, and get ready for the compliments!

1. Braids

From the classic French braid to more elaborate styles, there are many ways to braid your hair. A braid is formed when you interlace three or more chunks of hair together to form a pattern. For centuries, braids have been a stylish and practical way to keep long hair neat and tidy. Here’s a couple of ways to braid your hair:

Box braid
Named after the box-shaped sections of hair used to create each braid, box braids are commonly used as a protective hairstyle to prevent hair breakage, shedding and tangling. To achieve this look, start by using the pointed end of a rat tail comb to separate your hair into even box-shaped sections. Next, braid each section using the three-strand braid technique. Box braids are also extremely versatile – add personality to your look by sectioning your hair in a different way, adding hair extensions and hair accessories or trying a new braiding technique. The best part? These braids are easy to care for and can be left in for 8 to 10 weeks.

French braid

French Braid A classic French braid is easy to do, and dresses up your hair while keeping it together. At your crown, separate hair into three sections. Cross the section of hair from the left over and in between the right and centre portions, like in a basic braid. Then, pick up pieces of hair below your crown just outside the plaited area as you go along, and tuck them into the braid, using your index finger. While its okay for layers in front of the ears to fall out of the braid naturally, make sure to pin some longer layers to the base of the braid. Lastly, secure the ends with an elastic (leave about two inches unbraided). For a sexy, casual look, shake up the braid a little to loosen it.

Short hair braid style

Short hair braid style

Who says you need long hair to have fun with braids? With short hair, braids can bring detail to your sassy style, in fact, consider it a hair accessory if you will. Think headband braids, braided bangs, or braids in a half up dos, all of which can add interest to short hair.

2. Space Buns

You want to keep hair out of your face without sacrificing style, try this popular hairstyle. To style your hair into basic space buns, part your hair in the middle and tie each half of hair into a high ponytail. Twist each ponytail to form a donut shape and pin into place. After you’ve mastered the basics, try some fun variations, such as adding braids or creating a half-updo style instead.

3. Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut Nothing says polished more than the classic bob hairstyle. And with good reason- it makes any woman look chic and its sharp simplicity means it is an easy-to-wear look that never goes out of style. Shoulder-skimming, the longer Lob or a strong, jaw-length blunt cut, the bob says 'cool', whichever way you wear it.

4. Layered Hair

Layered Hair A layered haircut flatters most face shapes, gives more dimension than a one-length haircut and is versatile. If you have thick long hair, layering your tresses can lift the weight and make hair feel lighter. Layering can bring more structure to curly hairstyle while adding volume to thin, limp hair.

Pro Tip
As braids and buns require twisting, weaving and pinning, your hair will be subject to a fair bit of stress. Whats more, braiding exposes your scalp, which means any signs of dandruff will be visible. Its important to ensure your hair and scalp remain healthy, clean and dandruff-free, by using a good dandruff-fighting shampoo and conditioner that also nourish hair. Head & Shoulders Supreme shampoo and conditioner range keeps your hair and scalp in tip-top shape. As the worlds No. 1 anti-dandruff shampoo, Head & Shoulders ensures 100% dandruff-free⁺, well-moisturized and revitalized hair and scalp.

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