Understanding the Cause of Itchy Scalp


When you itch, its the result of a complex process your body goes through in response to irritation. Its no different for itchy scalp. Find out why your head is itching and what you can do about it.

Why do we itch?

Itch is the bodys response to irritation, whether its chemical such as an allergen or mechanical, such as an insect or fabric rubbing on your skin.

These things all trigger a neural pathway that results in itching:

  1. Neurons detect an irritating stimulus

  2. Information is sent to the spinal cord, where a protein known as NPPB is produced. This protein is the trigger for itch

  3. NPPB receptors in the brain release another protein called GRP, which sends the itch signal to the site of stimulus

Sound complicated? It all happens in an instant; you experience irritation and within seconds your body triggers an itch response at the site of the irritation.

Your itchy scalp could be dandruff

If youre scratching your head, theres a good chance its caused by dandruff.

Dandruff is the bodys response to irritation, and this irritation can also trigger the bodys itch response.

So if your scalp becomes irritatedby dandruff, signals are sent directly to the scalp to trigger an itchy feeling.

How dandruff causes irritation

Itch can start before flakes

The bodys itch response is fast, and its often the first sign of dandruff and can happen before flakes even appear.

So while you might think you dont have dandruff, if youre itching theres a good chance you soon will.

Act fast before flakes appear

If you start to experience itchy scalp, reach straight for a proven anti-dandruff shampoo.

That way youll be tackling the root cause of the problem and can start to treat it before flakes appear.

Try our Cool Menthol Shampoo with cooling tea tree essence and peppermint oil its been proven to tackle itch and irritation caused by dandruff and gives a great cooling sensation in the shower.

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