Scalp issues can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and they can get in the way of having the healthy-looking hair you want. That’s why we’ve put together guides on any scalp concerns you might have, from dandruff to dry or oily scalp.

Your hair and scalp form a surprisingly complex ecosystem. If your scalp isn’t in good shape, the hair that grows can be weaker and more prone to damage.

But there’s hope.

You’re not the only one dealing with these concerns, and there is help out there.

Take dandruff, for instance: over half the population suffers from dandruff, which is why Head & Shoulders has put so much work into making sure that our anti-dandruff shampoos can help you get flake-free* scalp, fast.

Beyond flaking, you may suffer from other scalp concerns, like dryness, itching, and oily or greasy hair. Find out more about these and how to tackle them in the articles here.

*visible flakes, from 2 feet