Caught In An ITCH-uation? Here’s What Causes Scalp Itch And How To Easily Prevent It


Do you find yourself unknowingly scratching your scalp to get rid of an itch and it ruins a beautiful moment? Imagine you’re at an important job interview but find yourself unknowingly scratching your head because of an irresistible scalp itch.

That time you had to deliver an important speech, but your scalp was just screaming for an itch; or being in the middle of a romantic moment with your crush, and in that moment of bliss, it got awkward because of your itchy scalp.

If you’ve ever been embarrassed by your itchy scalp — yes, you’ve experienced an awkward, embarrassing, and failed moment called an “ITCH-uation.”

There are many times when we subconsciously scratch our heads thinking that the itch is perfectly normal. But really, it actually spoils an ideal could-have-been beautiful moment. What’s worse is you realize it too late!

What’s behind an itch-uation? It's irritated skin! When your skin gets irritated, it sends signals to your brain urging you to scratch for temporary relief. What you don’t realize is that the problem might actually be dandruff already. Dandruff, like many skin conditions, can lead to embarrassing and awkward itch-uations that can be viewed by others as a sign of uncleanliness or poor hygiene.

How Are Scalp Itchiness and Dandruff Related?

Itch is often caused by dandruff. When dandruff irritates the scalp, the outer skin layer sheds as a way to fight the irritation, thus causing it to feel itchy.

Dandruff is the result of dead skin cells that fall off the scalp and appear as white flakes on the hair. The main cause of dandruff is the presence of a fungus called Malassezia. While Malassezia feeds on sebum, the natural oils of the scalp fuel the dandruff-causing fungus.

So even if you don’t notice visible flaking on your scalp, you can have dandruff when your scalp is at an unhealthy state.

Itchiness is one of the early signs of dandruff. To help you get rid of dandruff before it fully develops, we’ve provided some solutions on how to prevent and get rid of scalp itch and dandruff.

Head & Shoulders Solutions and Treatments for Dandruff Related Scalp Itchiness

Continuous use of regular cosmetic shampoos can make your hair smell nice, but they might be the cause of itch because they lack the formulation to help you keep dandruff at bay. Most people go through the process of trial and error before finding hair products that are suitable for their scalp. But lo and behold, Head and Shoulders has a variety of products that cater to different scalp types and conditions.

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Fight the threats of dandruff with the Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This shampoo prevents the recurrence of flaking and itching that cause dandruff. It has zinc carbonate – a powerful active ingredient used to fight flakes without drying the scalp, and cocamidopropyl betaine that cleanses the scalp without stripping moisture away. This product leaves your hair and scalp with a menthol fresh feeling while also keeping hair moisturized, pH balanced, boosted with antioxidants for gentle care.

Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo

For smoother and more moisturized locks, use the Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo with nourishing ingredients that retain the moisture of your hair while keeping the scalp 100% dandruff-free. It has dimethicone, an ingredient that protects the hair cuticle, keeping it soft and shiny as well as a Tri-Action Formula with a water lock system, leaving hair silky smooth from root to tips. It also cleanses and protects for improved scalp health. This Head & Shoulders shampoo also has a gentle pH balanced formula that’s great for everyday use, even on color-treated hair.

To prevent dandruff from reappearing on your scalp, use Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Conditioners, which are specially formulated with active ingredients that fight the causes of dandruff and dry scalp. The Cool Menthol Conditioner provides moisture and nutrients to your scalp while fighting the causes of dandruff and dry scalp — making your hair softer, smoother, and silky as ever.

You’ll definitely notice the difference in your scalp and hair condition when you incorporate Head & Shoulders products in your daily hair care routines. Not to mention that Head & Shoulders amps your dandruff-kicking experience with their upgraded scents so you can be itch-free, dandruff-free, and have more fragrant, beautiful hair!

There is nothing to be embarrassed and scared about having dandruff. Keeping in mind that this is a common condition that does not pose as a serious health issue and can easily be managed as long as you use the best right anti-dandruff shampoo. So the next time you catch yourself with signs of scalp itch, use Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff products so you won’t have to deal with awkward and embarrassing itch-uations anymore.