Dry Scalp Shampoo


Choosing the right shampoo is the key to treating a dry scalp heres why and what you need to look out for.

Tackle dandruff to treat a dry scalp

First, you need to tackle the root cause of the damage in many cases, dandruff. Its a common cause of dry scalp as dandruff damages your scalps natural moisture deferences, causing them to start losing moisture.

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So when you get rid of dandruff, you can stop the cycle and treat a major contributor to scalp dryness.

Use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly to keep flakes away and also help repair and prevent future damage to your scalp from dandruff.

Give your scalp a moisture boost

In the same way youd treat dry skin on other areas of the body with a moisturiser, you need to nourish your scalp to treat dryness.

Dry scalp shampoos are designed to do just that in fact its been shown that if you use them regularly, youll see a difference in your scalps health in just 2 weeks.

Plus, it contains our powerful dandruff-fighting ingredient zinc pyrithione so youll also be treating dandruff and also tackling one of the root causes of dry scalp.

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