What your hair looks like on the outside reflects the condition on the inside. Like anyone else, men can benefit from having softer, stronger, healthier, more manageable hair. Besides a good shampoo, a good conditioner is just as important to a mans hair care routine.


Some shampoos, particularly moisturizing shampoo, can help make your hair softer, and are always worth adding to your wash routine

However, for soft and healthy hair, you need to reach for a bottle of conditioner.

The best conditioner will always moisturize your hair far better than any shampoo can as well as protect and strengthen hair. For men in particular, a good conditioner can help solve common hair loss problems, such as male pattern baldness, patchy *hair fall, sudden and excessive hair shedding, even hair loss disorders that permanently destroy hair follicles.

Fact: 25% of men will start experiencing *hair loss by age 30 and 66% of men will begin balding by age 60.

So heres how a conditioner can help prevent hair loss in men and boost hair health.

Your hairs natural defense

While shampoos are designed to clean your hair,conditioners are specially formulated to soften and detangle

To understand how they go about it, we first have to talk about the structure of your hair it isnt as simple as you might think!

Each hair is made of several parts: the outer layer, which is what were interested in, is called the cuticle.

Hair cuticles are tiny overlapping scales that protect the vulnerable inner layers of your hair from damage.

Unfortunately, cuticles can themselves become damaged, causing the scales to become jagged and broken, or to lift up instead of lie flat.

This not only exposes the rest of your hair to damage, it makes your hair become rough and dull.

Enter conditioner.

How conditioner helps

While weve already mentioned that conditioners soften and detangle hair, its important to know that rough and damaged hair is often the result of problems with your hairs cuticle structure. Thus, when conditioners soften and detangle hair, they also fix the structure of your hair and improve hair quality.

How exactly is this done? Conditioners help fix rough and damaged hair by smoothing the scales of the cuticle back down. When the scales of the cuticle are scaled down, they better protect the inner layers of your hair from further damage. This strengthens your hair and lowers the risk of hair loss.

Head & Shoulders conditioners are designed to work together with our shampoo range to maintain smooth, soft and healthy hair, while moisturizing the scalp and protecting it from dandruff. Dandruff causes dry and itchy scalp, which can lead to hair loss.

In fact, if youre fighting dandruff, you should not use ordinary cosmetic conditioners as they can wash away the dandruff-fighting ingredients from your anti-dandruff shampoo, reducing its effectiveness at fighting flakes. Instead, it is best to stick to an anti-dandruff conditioner, which will soften hair while locking in the dandruff-fighting power of your shampoo.

For men, Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol conditioner boasts a patented Magnetic Lifting Foam technology that lifts away dandruff, oil and itch, while keeping your hair soft and moisturised. PH-balanced and gentle enough for daily use, feel the benefits of this conditioner from the very first wash.

So, guys, if your hair is feeling rough or dry, it is a sign of weakening hair structure. Try adding conditioner to your hair care routine to get your hair back to its healthy, smooth, glossy best.

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*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.