Finding The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss


Finding The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

Have you been going from pharmacy to pharmacy hunting for *hair loss remedies? Finding a hair loss treatment that works doesn’t have to be that hard.

Hair loss or thinning hair is completely natural – in fact, you lose hair every day. You’ll normally find it on your hairbrush, in the shower or on your clothes. It’s not always something to worry about as your hair regrows at a similar rate.

But when your hair breaks more easily and you start to see more hair on your hairbrush, it can be a worry.

The good news is, the most effective hair loss treatment is really quite simple — getting the best shampoo for hair loss or thinning hair and keeping your scalp in good condition can help you maintain your hair for longer, and keep it looking fuller and thicker.

Protect your scalp to hold on to your hair

Your scalp is the base from which your hair grows and is the foundation for strong, healthy locks.

Research has shown hair that grows from an unhealthy scalp is weaker and more prone to breakage. So make sure you look after your scalp and keep it healthy and your hair will grow from stronger, more stable roots.

That’s where Head & Shoulders shampoo works as an effective hair loss treatment. With regular use, it’s designed to care for your scalp and protect it from damage caused by dandruff. It also removes external irritants that can negatively affect your scalp condition.

In fact, our Anti-Hairfall shampoo is formulated with three conditioning ingredients that nourish and repair damaged hair, relieve dry scalp, and reduce breakage to prevent hair loss or thinning hair. The result is up to 10X stronger hair.

In a six-month clinical trial, participants with thinning hair who used Head & Shoulders suffered significantly less hair loss than those who used a placebo. In fact, almost three quarters of participants who used Head & Shoulders as a form of hair loss treatment experienced no increase in hair loss over 6 months.

Tackle the source of itching

Itch & Dandruff Cause Hair Fall Image Title:Itching results in thin hair

Did you know that dandruff can also lead to hair loss? As your scalp becomes irritated by dandruff, it not only causes skin cells to flake off but can also cause your scalp to itch.

If you have itchy scalp, you are at risk of increased hair loss as scratching too much can damage the hair strands, resulting in weak, thinning hair which can break or fall out more easily.

More about the causes of dandruff and its link to hair loss

So if you’re looking for a hair loss treatment that gets to the root of the problem —dandruff — make sure you treat it by using an anti-dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol every time you wash your hair.

With regular use, it not only removes dandruff flakes to leave you 100% dandruff-free, but has also been proven to relieve scalp itch.

By tackling the source of the itching, you’ll not only keep your scalp in great condition but you’ll also reduce the temptation to scratch, helping to keep your hair stronger and thicker.

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*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.