Your guide to finding the right conditioner


When it comes to proper scalp and hair care, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Conditioning your hair is important in enhancing the condition of your hair, keeping it healthy and dandruff-free. Usually used right after washing your hair to replenish the moisture lost from shampooing, a good conditioner helps to smoothen your hair cuticle and even out the pH balance of your hair.

Conditioners also add shine to your tresses, and protect your hair from friction, heat styling, and humidity. Locks that are regularly conditioned are also less prone to tangling and frizz.


With the wide variety of hair conditioner available these days, its even tougher to find the one for your hair type. To help you make a decision, heres our guide to choosing the right conditioner for you!

Match the right conditioner to your hair type

There are many types of hair: curly, straight, wavy, limp, oily, dry, or damaged. Do you have dandruff or other scalp conditions? Your hair condition will determine the type of conditioner youll need to keep your locks in tip-top condition.


Dry, damaged, dull or brittle hair

  • Choose a conditioner that comes with natural oils, shea butter and proteins to help revitalise and protect your hair from future damage.
  • Opt for conditioners that are hydrating, moisturising, smoothing or balancing like the Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Conditioner which contains argan oil for a deep, luxurious nourishment. It also works to keep dandruff away!
  • Use leave-in conditioner on the ends of your hair for extra nourishment if you have extremely damaged hair.

Colour treated hair

  • Keep your colours vibrant for longer with specialised conditioners that help prevent colour fading.
  • Pick one that contains UV filters to help lock in the colour and prevent fading.

Curly, wavy or thick hair

  • Use conditioners that have silicone and protein that can coat your hair cuticles and reduce frizz.
  • Look for those formulated to smoothen or moisturise.
  • For that added boost, condition your hair before and after you shampoo and use a leave-in conditioner to help tame extra frizzy hair.

Oily, limp or fine hair

  • Choose conditioners with lightweight formulas. Conditioners that are less moisturising are more effective at removing excess oil from your hair.
  • Look for conditioners that are volumising, balancing or strengthening.
  • When applying your conditioner, avoid your scalp and apply only midway and closer to the ends of your hair.
  • For a lighter alternative, skip the rinse-off conditioner and just use a leave-in conditioner on your ends for hydration.

If you have dandruff

  • It is important to use an anti-dandruff conditioner like Head & Shoulders Supreme conditioner that is formulated to boost the effects of the shampoo, while delivering the benefits of a conditioner. Normal conditioners on the other hand, typically wash away the active ingredients in an anti-dandruff shampoo, which makes it ineffective in eliminating dandruff.

Know How to use the Different Types of Conditioner:

Rinse-off vs Leave-in vs Mask

Todays conditioners come in different formulas depending on its targeted function.



  • The most commonly used type of hair conditioner.
  • Contains fatty alcohols that make them thick, rich and creamy.
  • Has high molecular-weight silicones to make your hair feel smoother, shinier and easier to manage.
  • Works well for most hair types and are usually light enough for daily use like the Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Conditioner for daily conditioning to keep your locks dandruff-free.


  • Lightweight and will not weigh your hair down.
  • Absence of fatty alcohols makes them lighter.
  • Typically contains humectants for moisture and low molecular-weight silicones for smoothness and shine.
  • Usually comes in spray or thin cream formulas.


  • Typically made with higher concentrations of conditioning ingredients, making the formula heavier than regular conditioners.
  • Added ingredients are usually butters, oils and silicones.
  • More suitable for longer hair or hair that requires added nourishment.

If you already use a anti-dandruff shampoo, using a regular conditioner may wash away these benefits. For best results, follow through with an anti-dandruff conditioner such as Head & Shoulders Supreme conditioner, which provides intense moisture for your hair, whilst protecting it against dandruff. Also, whilst most conditioners are formulated only for the hair, Head & Shoulders Supreme conditioner is specially created to nourish your scalp as well as your hair.


Give your hair the ultimate luxurious treatment with Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Conditioner

This anti-dandruff conditioner starts its pampering with its unique blend of moisturising agents and argan oil to deeply nourish and lock in all the goodness from roots to tips. Experience softer and smoother hair from the first wash, thanks to its intense moisturisation and long lasting dandruff protection. Head and Shoulders Suprême Moisture Conditioner has a gentle formula suitable for most hair types and for daily use.

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