Hair Care Hacks for Shiny and Healthier Looking Locks


In the pursuit of shiny and healthy locks, people go through different lengths to keep their hair looking healthy, such as investing in different hair styling tools or constantly searching for the best hair care products. One thing you might have overlooked, however, is how to properly care for your scalp health. A healthy scalp is key to keeping your hair healthy and looking gorgeous in the long run. While some practices are good for the hair, there can be hair care habits you’re accustomed to that are actually harming your overall scalp health.

If you’re experiencing hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, scalp odor, and dry scalp, chances are you need to revamp your hair care practices. The good news is, having a healthy scalp doesn’t always mean expensive products and time-consuming routines. Sometimes, it only takes smart hair care hacks at home to get you that soft, glossy, and luscious hair.

Use a boar bristle brush

Brittle brush

An inexpensive way to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy is by using a boar bristle brush. This type of brush is made of nylon and boar bristles which are ideal for detangling hair knots and promoting hair health. When the boar bristles massage the scalp, it stimulates and increases blood circulation to the hair follicle and evenly distributes the hair’s natural oils, resulting in shinier, softer hair.

But even if you have the right comb, there is also a proper way to use this brush! To effectively massage your scalp with a boar bristle brush, bend over from the waist and slowly brush your hair starting from the nape of your neck, sides, and make your way towards your facial hairline. After brushing for 5 minutes, slowly stand up and repeat brushing your hair as you usually do. This method redistributes the oils from the scalp to your strands, for a moisturized and glossy hair.

Air-dry your hair

Woman with dry hair

Blow-drying your hair every day can cost its natural shine, and go dull, but this hack might just bring back your hair’s natural glow. Hair is at its weakest when wet, and brushing it while using heat-styling tools can cause excessive breakage. Frequent use of heat-styling tools can also cause dryness to the scalp that may lead to dandruff, itchiness, and weakened hair roots. When you air-dry your hair, moisture is gradually drained from the hair during the course of the day, whereas with blow-drying, it instantly eliminates moisture. Frequent air drying also keeps hair smoother and more hydrated as your natural oils don’t get stripped away, and with the absence of heat-styling tools, your hair is also less prone to damage and breakage.

Wash your hair, the right way

Washing your hair too often presents just about the same effects as under-washing. When you wash your hair too much, your scalp is stripped from its natural oils, making it dry. This then triggers your body to produce more sebum to compensate for the lost moisture, causing your scalp to attract dirt and germs that can result in dandruff and other scalp conditions. On the other hand, under-washing allows oil, sweat, and dirt to build-up on your scalp, and eventually cause infection or irritation.

If you’re experiencing a dry scalp from washing your hair every day, you might want to consider changing things up and use a different shampoo.

Choosing the right shampoo

Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo

One of the reasons your hair might be looking dull, dry, and damaged is because you’re using the wrong shampoo. There are shampoos in the market that moisturize your scalp and strands while also effectively dealing with signs of an unhealthy scalp, like scalp odor and dandruff. You’ll notice that your hair condition will drastically improve when you use a shampoo that directly targets your specific hair and scalp problems.

The Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo has nourishing ingredients that help to retain the moisture of your hair while keeping the scalp 100% dandruff-free. It has dimethicone, an ingredient that protects the hair cuticle, keeping it soft and shiny as well as a Tri-Action Formula with a water lock system, leaving hair silky smooth from root to tips. It also cleanses and protects for improved scalp health. This Head & Shoulders shampoo also has a gentle pH balanced formula that’s great for everyday use, even on color-treated hair! For maximum protection from scalp itching, dandruff, and a dry scalp, pair it with the Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Conditioner to yield the best results.

Apply conditioner to the roots

Hair care apply conditioner

You’ve probably read online that rinsing your hair and scalp with cold water is better because it seals moisture and shine to your hair cuticles, but this is actually false. Warm water or steam may expand the cuticles, but cold water will not close it. The best way to smoothen and lock moisture in the cuticles is by using a scalp conditioner.

If you're prone to dandruff, an anti-dandruff conditioner will be your best bet in preventing flakes while providing moisture and nutrients to your scalp. Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Conditioners are specially formulated with active ingredients that fight the causes of dandruff and dry scalp — making your hair softer, smoother, and silky as ever.

Eat foods rich in Omega-3

Omega 3 rich food for healthy hair

Studies have shown that Omega-3 is a source of nutrients that reduces *hair loss and improves hair conditions. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that helps in tissue maintenance. Omega-3 also produces lubrication that prevents a flaky and dry scalp and has anti-inflammatory properties that help open the hair follicles for faster regeneration, promoting stronger hair growth.

A simple way to work this into your diet is to get your hands on some snacks that are rich in Omega-3, such as flaxseeds, sardines, walnuts, salmon, almonds, and soybeans. This way, you can enjoy a midday snack, and work towards getting a luscious head of hair!

Get Shiny & Healthy Hair

healthy and shiny hair

Understanding your hair, improving your hair care routine, and having the right products are key to achieving shiny and healthy hair. By maintaining moisturized hair, it reduces the possibility of damage and keeps it hydrated and healthy. Incorporate these easy tips into your hair care routine and use the Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo for extra moisturized smooth and silky hair.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.