Faq: How To Prevent Hair Loss?


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You may be wondering how to cope with *hair loss. Over generations and centuries, people suffering from hair loss have resorted to all sorts of hair loss treatments, some often bizarre.

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According to the History channel website, the ancient Egyptians used a mix of fats from exotic animals such as the snake, crocodile and hippopotamus and also applied a concoction of porcupine hair boiled in water on their scalp to treat hair loss. In 19th century England, rubbing lemon and cold Indian tea over the scalp was a popular hair loss remedy, despite little evidence that it worked. There were also gadgets claiming to help hair regrow. The Thermocap of the 1920s promised hair growth with just 15 minutes a day spent under the heat and blue light of its bonnet-like cap. Similarly in the 1930s, there was the helmet-shaped vacuum pump that relied on suction to stimulate hair growth.

In truth, there is no magic formula to prevent hair loss. Knowing how to treat hair loss lies in understanding what causes it. And there are many factors that can cause you to lose hair. One major cause of hair loss is an unhealthy scalp, but it’s a problem that’s easy to treat.

Research has shown that hair that grows from a healthy scalp tends to be thicker and stronger than hair that grows from a damaged scalp. Dandruff can also lead to hair loss by causing the scalp to become itchy. As you scratch your scalp, you can damage the individual strands of hair, causing breakage and, in some cases, hair loss. Learning how to treat hair loss and dandruff is important, so by dealing with the root cause of dandruff, you can calm any itching and in turn, keep your hair looking full and thick.

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*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.