Choosing the right treatment to fight dandruff


Don’t settle for good enough when you can have H&S Professional range!

If you’re looking for the right treatment to fight dandruff, you'd want to turn to the World's no.1 selling shampoo^ brand! The NEW Head & Shoulders Professional range is designed to help you deal with severe dandruff. Its special formula with anti-dandruff active ingredients, blended with soothing herbals such as mosa mint and eucalyptus, helps fight against severe dandruff^^.

For severe dandruff sufferer, we recommend using Head & Shoulders Professional Advanced Itch Care Shampoo that fights off dandruff^^ and soothes the itching^^^.If your scalp is excessively oily, try the NEW Head & Shoulders Professional Advanced Oil Control Shampoo that cleans your hair and washes away excessive oils.

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What you can do to help your scalp and hair even more

You should follow up the shampoo with an anti-dandruff conditioner when:

- your scalp is constantly flaking
- you feel frequent itching^^^^
- you notice your hair is oily.

Try the NEW Head & Shoulders Professional Conditioner, the first dual phase conditioner from Head & Shoulders. This great design is made with an outer and inner tube, each holding a different ingredient that helps you in a fight against severe dandruff.^^ The outer tube contains a translucent soothing gel that will ease your itch, while the inner tube is filled with milky lotion to moisturize your hair strands.

Professional Itch Care Conditioner | Head & Shoulders

You should use an anti-dandruff conditioner after an anti-dandruff shampoo. Here's why: Using regular conditioner after an anti-dandruff shampoo may reduce the amount of anti-dandruff active ingredients deposited on your scalp.

The NEW Head & Shoulders Professional Conditioner reinforces the anti-dandruff active ingredients from the anti-dandruff shampoo and provides your hair and scalp with even more anti-dandruff power.

How to protect your scalp and soothe itchiness anytime, anywhere

For the best results on the go, soothe and protect your scalp anytime and anywhere with the NEW Head & Shoulders Professional Leave-On Spray.

Scalp Care Leave on Spray | Head & Shoulders

Apply the Leave-On Spray whenever you require additional protection. This clinically proven formula directly reaches the scalp. It builds a "protective layer" which removes dandruff and prevents regeneration of dandruff, leaving you with no visible flakes.^^Also, it will soothe your aggravated and dry scalp protecting you against itch caused by dandruff.^^^

Try the NEW Head & Shoulders Professional range for your fight against severe dandruff!

^ P&G calculation based on Nielsen sales information July 2019 – June 2020

^^ no visible flakes, with regular use
^^^ itch due to dandruff, with regular use
^^^^ itch due to dandruff