Dealing with damaged hair doesn’t need to be a chore. Use our guides to get your hair back to its best.

Head & Shoulders has spent decades not only fighting the good fight against dandruff, but developing products that are designed to keep your hair in great shape.

That means we’re well placed to give you the advice you need to deal with damaged hair:

At Head & Shoulders, we understand that people have diverse hair care needs. That’s why we created a full range shampoos and conditioners to address a variety of needs. While all of them target dandruff, some work better for dry hair, some for greasy. And some are designed to help nourish and soften damaged hair.

If dandruff and damaged hair are a concern for you, make sure you’re choosing products which can target both.

To improve your chances of getting your hair back to its best, you shouldn’t just be looking for a shampoo for damaged hair: the conditioner you use plays a big role as well.

Conditioner’s moisturizing properties are well-suited to helping repair damaged hair’s smoothness, particularly in the outer layer of the hair fiber.

Conditioner helps this outer layer by smoothing down the cuticle scales, giving your hair a softer feel and a smoother look.